Biocryptodisk portable hardware Encryptor SD302 is a USB High Speed portable Hardware Cryptographic
Module Securing Cloud Storages and your corporate data. It has an on-the-fly AES (256-bit) hardware en-/decryption
engine on board capable of en-/decrypting files of any computer detected storage including but not limited to computer hard
disk drive, USB external drive, network attached drive, virtual drives such as Google Drive, Dropbox, SkyDrive, etc. In addition,
it has an on board encrypted storage of up to 64GB. It is truly driverless and zero footprint. No software installation
is required on your PC. The Encryptor SD302 can be managed and monitored anytime anywhere over the internet by
Biocryptodisk remote token management software. Encrypted files can be shared by the Encryptor who has the same
encryption key.
Key Features
Trusted Security Standards: On board NIST Suite B
algorithm, certified hardware AES CBC mode up to
256-bit strength.

Securing Cloud Storages: High speed on the fly
hardware AES-256 files en-/decryption

Zero Footprint: Simple to use GUI of windows,
requires no software or driver download and

Complete USB Compliance: Support USB 1.1/2.0
/3.0 protocols

Secure Channel: All commands communication
between PC host and Encryptor are secured by
AES session key, generated by Public Key
(ECC P256)

Two Factor Authentication: Encryptor and
password for file encryption

On Board AES-256 Encrypted Storage

RTM System: Remote monitoring and management
of Encryptor activities

Validation: Common Criteria EAL2+ in progress

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