On-the-fly AES (256-bit) hardware en-/decryption storage
It has an on-the-fly AES(256-bit) hardware en-/decryption engine which enable to
prevent user bypass the security features and simply copy unencrypted data to
USB drive. The cryptographic token is unlocked by the user with password to
make the secure data available.
Hardware Based Encryption (bulk en-/decryption)
On board NIST Suite B algorithm, certified hardware AES CBC mode up to
256-bit strength. The encryption key never leaves the cryptographic token. The
encryption process is doing within the hardware module.

Unlimited Encrypted Data
There is no limit of en-/decrypting files can be generated. The limit will only be
the size of your computer hard drive, USB internal/external drive. The send an
encrypted attachment via email.

Secure Cloud
Store the encrypted files to cloud to prevent data view by unknown third party,
only the one who has cryptographic token with same encryption key able to
decrypt the encrypted file.

Once the token is lost or damaged, the encrypted files can be recovered by
other cryptographic token which has been loaded with the same Encryption