Biocryptodisk iSecurePro
Biocryptodisk iSecurePro is a biometrics and computer host ID secured USB Flash Disk with integrated on-the-fly AES
(256-Bit) en-/decryption engine  It has a built-in autonomous biometrics  processor on board.

  • Host ID Authentication (Patent Pending)
  • Secure and Ease of Use
  • On board AES (256-bit) En-/Decryption
  • On board biometrics enrollment and authentication
  • Up to 4-factor authentication
  • Administrative functions featuring Secure Pin Entry (Patent Pending)
For both Biocryptdisk iSecure and iSecurePro, the on board
cryptographic processor and biometrics module can be
accessible by computer host upon authentication.
Windows and Linux software libraries for security tokens
and biometrics authentication implementation can be
provided to selected partners.

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