Biocryptodisk iSecurePro - Corporate Companion
Biocryptodisk iSecurePro is a biometrics and computer host ID secured USB Flash Disk with integrated on-the-fly AES
(256-Bit) en-/decryption engine  It has a built-in autonomous biometrics  processor on board.  iSecurePro safeguards
your corporate sensitive data in the most secure and convenient way.

Prior to the deployment of iSecurePro within an organization, the organization information security officer preloaded
iSecurePro with a list of computer host IDs. These computer host IDs will be used to authenticate against the ID of the
host computer in which iSecurePro is connected to.

Only after a successful biometric finger recognition and a successful authentication with computer host ID, the USB Flash
Disk unit is visible to the operating systems and the AES (256-Bit) encrypted flash memory can be used. The on the fly
AES (256-bit) en-/decryption of mass storage data and Host ID authentication are transparent to user.

iSecurePro works only in approved PCs as per defined by corporate information security officer. The computer host ID
authentication prevents employees of the company from using iSecurePro in unauthorized PCs such as home PC.
Special features of iSecurePro:

  • Host ID Authentication (Patent Pending)
  • Secure and Ease of Use
  • On board AES (256-bit) En-/Decryption
  • On board biometrics enrollment and authentication
  • Up to 4-factor authentication
  • Administrative functions featuring Secure Pin Entry
    (Patent Pending)
Upon authentication, the on board cryptographic
processor and biometrics module can be accessible
by computer host. Windows and Linux software
libraries for security tokens and biometrics
authentication implementation can be provided to
selected partners.