Biocryptodisk SK101
Biocryptodisk SK101 is a portable biometrics secured Smart Card Reader.  Together with a SIM size smart card, it is a
portable biometrics token. It has an autonomous biometrics  processor on board to match with live fingerprint and to
store fingerprint template within SK101. The user's privacy is protected as the stored fingerprint template can never be
extracted or copied.

A user's fingerprint biometric replaces their smart card PIN (Personal Identification Number), serving as the secure
method of authentication to activate the smart card and make use of the stored credentials (certificates and
public/private keys, usernames/passwords, etc.). When the user is prompted
to enter a Smart Card PIN, he or she shall just swipe a valid fingerprint and the PIN will be entered automatically.

The standard model of SK101 allows user to enroll up to 4 fingerprints. It allows a fingerprint to represent a PIN.
Organizations that need the utmost security can require their employees to use 2 different fingerprints to authenticate to
the smart card, enabling three-factor security.

Administration software is available to organization's information security administrator for recovery and re-use of the

Firmware may be changed on customer requests.
SK101 smart card reader is designed based
on OMNIKEY Smart@Key Chipset. It is
compatible with OMNIKEY Cardman Trust
Class 2 USB: 3621 .

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