Biocryptodisk SK102 is a portable biometrics secured Smart Card Reader and a fingerprint biometrics
reader. It is bundled with UPEK's Protector Suite QL. Protector Suite QL conveniently protects the privacy
of your computer using your unique fingerprint. Users simply swipe their finger over the “always-on”
fingerprint sensor to logon to Windows® and to login to websites and applications. No longer is there a
need to remember multiple, complex passwords, improving convenience and reducing password-related
Biocryptodisk SK102
  • OMNIKEY Smart@Key Chipset which supports Digital
    Signature (Class 2 reader) and is Common Criteria EAL
    3+ certified
  • On board biometrics enrollment and authentication
  • Live and Fake finger detection
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Replace password and username for internet access,
    etc with a swipe of fingerprint
  • Swipe your fingerprint to power ON and logon Windows
  • Launch commonly used applications with differents
  • Swipe your fingerprint to encrypt/decrypt files
  • Supports of RSA SecurID

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