Who we are

Advanced Product Design Sdn. Bhd.(737874-A) was incorporated on July 15, 2006 with a vision of becoming a leader in electronics product research and development in the area of 'Biometrics Security & Identification', cryptography and 'Electronics Card Systems'.

Our portfolio design includes fingerprint biometrics, electronics cards for clean room conveyor systems, smart card application design, micro controller based application design and FPGA design.

What We do?

Here are some of our expertise

On Board Hardware Cryptography Device

  • Support On board NIST Suite B algorithm like FIPS 186-3, FIPS 197, ANSI X9.63, ANSI X9.31
  • Pass NIST SP800-22a Revision 1a Statistical Test Suit
  • Common criteria certified EAL2+
  • Provide SDK (linux and windows) to our strategic partners for application program developments
  • 100% develop and made in Malaysia

Clean Room Conveyor and Controller Card

We are a key supplier in network electronics cards used in factory automation sector. Our design is highly reliable and has very high immunity against electrical noise.

Fingerprint Biometrics USB Device

USB Flash Disk with integrated on-the-fly AES (256-Bit) en-/decryption engine and does not require PC software to operate, and it is truly driverless and zero footprints. It has a built-in autonomous biometrics processor on board. iSecure safeguards your personal and corporate sensitive data in the most secure and convenient way.

LORAWAN Network Developement

Custom made sensor together with network server development in term of LORAWAN technology.

Personal Data Protection

Combines USB cryptography device with comprehesive security suite to provide 2 factor authentication protection.

Our Solution includes

  • Secure email which is placed on USB CDFS drive to only allow the authenticated sender/receiver to encode/decode email content. It is truely driveless program.
  • Task Scheduled Backup System together with portable hardware cryptography device
  • Security Suite 5.0 is a windows system together with cryptography device to provide functions of On-the-fly encrypted volume, USB Port Security, PC Winlogon, and PC Lock
  • Remote Token Management 1.0 - allow to monitoring and controlling cryptography device from above system over network

Biometrics Attendance System (Web Based)

Combines the swipe fingerprint technology with comprehensive management software, making it easy for employees to clock in and out while giving you powerful tools to efficiently manage your workforce.

Ease for monitoring employees' status anytime anywhere.

Android Apps Development

EBook and tablet kiosk development for education purpose.

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